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Veterinarian Cat Killer Kristen Lindsey Fails in Attempt to Strike out Expert Witness Testimony — 6 Comments

  1. i hope she looses it all just like that poor cat did. killing it WAS NOT the answer, at the very least she SHOULD have captured it, etc.

  2. Seriously. Leave me alone with her for ten minutes. Leave a bow and arrow for me. I’ll show her the error of her ways! She should be in prison! She should never be allowed to practice, she should be SUED by the veterinarian association for spitting on the path she swore, and she should be charged by whatever university she attended for casting a bad light on them.

    • I think she attended the University of Arizona, and they made a public statement last year condemning her actions. The SOAH is where she’ll be stopped as far as having a license, and she should (and maybe will) be tried again criminally if the ALDF can persuade the Austin County Prosecutor
      Travis J. Koehn Austin County District Attorney One East Main Street Bellville, Texas 77418 Phone: 979-865-5933 Fax: 979-865-5828 to present ALL the facts to a grand jury in order to prosecute her properly. The Texas state attorney general should take Travis out behind the woodshed and spank his a$$ to persuade HIM to do his job in case he doesn’t turn around and do it on his own.

      • I didn’t do your links but an animal cruelty conviction is a license killer. I believe a conviction in the drunk driving incident would also play into that.
        This is someone on her way to a major mental issue. I think she was just getting warmed up when she screwed the pooch and posted that picture. I’m also convinced that with a real investigation there are more animal victims to be found. Her first kill with a bow and arrow maybe but she sure didn’t look like a beginner in that picture.

        • Oh she’s mental alright. She stated in a public blog that she likes to kill living things. How she got a license in the first place should also be investigated. What she did was not only a top tier felony, she’s impacted the public trust and set attitudes toward animals back 200 years. The federal government should put her down hard for the world to see that this is as wrong as arson, as homicide, as anything in that category of crimes.

          • Had a true crime show on this morning. Woman got horribly drunk and smashed into a motorcycle. Her lawyer tried to get her off saying she might have been too drunk to walk let alone drive but it was the motorcycle riders fault for driving to fast in his own lane.
            I figure this sub human has a lawyer from the same tide pool. So far there has been nothing of substance offered by her attorney except legal wrangling. I have to wonder why this is gong on. I am sure she was offered a settlement. Is she so arrogant that she thinks if she gets off and keeps her license with a fine and time out that she won ? I suspect so.

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