Veterinarian declawed his wife’s cats without her consent or knowledge so she divorced him

Glenn Mayer DVM
Glenn Mayer DVM
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These are the words of Gloria Mayer [THANKS A LOT GLORIA!]:

“I was married (really!) to Glenn Mayer but I got divorced after three years. When I married him I had two cats that were over ten years old. I am Norwegian and in Scandinavia it is ILLEGAL to declaw cats. Glenn was horrible to me and my sons because we were not Jewish.

That jerk took my cats to his hospital (without my permission or knowledge) and declawed them when I was at work. They were my cats before we married. Needless to say our marriage ended shortly afterward. I never forgave him. Those cats DID nothing to deserve the mutilation. Yes I am passionate about tail docking, ear trimming and declawing. Glen is dead now and I hope that the cats in heaven are scratching his eyes out.”

A long time ago (about 9 years perhaps) Barbara, a regular contributor at that time, wrote an article about a declawing veterinarian Dr Glenn Mayer in Chicago. Barbara coldly throws the book at Mayer. He was alive at the time; now deceased thank God because his death means less cats being declawed hopefully.

Mayer worked at the Abell Animal Hospital in Chicago and was a senior vet. I titled the article: Dr Glenn Mayer of the DisAbell Animal Hospital for the obvious reason that declawing disables cats. They walk on their toes and here are vets removing part of their toes! It is utterly bizarre and shameful.

Anyway I am thrilled that his former wife took the time to write a comment and tell us a bit more about him. Can you imagine the arrogance of the man? To take his new wife’s ten-year-old cats and declaw them secretly without her knowledge or consent is unforgivable. Gloria was right to divorce him. It provides an insight into the mentality of an arrogant, declawing vet. They are bad people lacking integrity and morals. I said that they are evil in an earlier post.

NOTE: Dr Mayer actually committed a crime in this case. He committed the crime of criminal damage. Gloria could have called the police. She could have also sued him in the civil courts. The poor cats. The man needed to be punished to the full extent of the law. But I am just chewing the cud really.

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