Veterinarian pet peeve: “The vet knows there is a cure and is in complete denial”

A Reader’s Forum article by Nicole Ferrara

Today’s pet peeve is veterinarians. Don’t get me wrong, most vets are extremely hard working people that don’t get nearly the credit they deserve or the pay.

terminally ill cat was cured
This cat had the same condition and was CURED (Nicole Ferrara)
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Most vets after going through epic amounts of schooling and practice are still always looking and searching for new ways to treat their clients and heal their patients. They are the good vets and thankfully the vast majority. I love my vet. She is amazing and I have the utmost respect for her.

In fact I may be spoiled by this amazing practice filled with wonderful talented people, which is why this week has bothered me so very much.

There is another vet practice in our town that are not what I would consider good vets. They are actively ignorant and have no desire to learn new techniques or treatments unless they are forced to. This week they put down yet another kitten that we adopted out to one of their clients. They told their clients that their kitten had a lethal disease and there are no treatments.

This kitten was a fighter, this kitten was young enough and strong enough that she stood a chance. This kitten deserved a chance. This vet took that chance away from them. Now I could understand if the vet did not know about the latest breakthroughs in the treatment of this disease, I could forgive them if this were the case.

Vets are only human and if you are not actively searching for new cures you might miss one when it comes out. It happens, not all vets get the same knowledge at the same time. But this is not the case. This vet knows there is a cure, has read some of the material, and is in complete denial.

This vet, when asked about the cure, told clients that it does not work. This vet lied to their clients, took their money, and killed their pet. This vet should be ashamed. In the last few months big changes have happened so the cure is now more attainable. What was 84 injections can now be treated with easy to obtain pills.

This vet won’t listen and now another kitten is dead because this vet is obstinately ignorant. This vet should retire. If you don’t want to continue to learn hang up the towel and call it a day. Stop giving vets a bad name and stop being part of the problem.

So if your vet (especially if you are local) gives you a terminal diagnosis for a disease you have never heard of, please go look it up before you let them put down a young kitten. When it comes to vet care be proactive, look things up, ask questions. Be an advocate for your pet.

There are some very bad vets out there, especially in this town. Choose your vet wisely. If you want the best vet in our town for your pet try Oak Ridge Veterinary Hospital. (note from Elisa: This is where Nicole takes her cats) They are an entire practice of great vets, techs, front office staff, etc. Not a bad apple in that whole bunch.

In my first hand experience they have found numerous cures to mystery ailments, and have successfully treated several pets that the other vets in this area gave up on. The picture I am attaching is of a kitten with the same ailment that the kittens in this post had. Notice I typed HAD. If I had went to any other vet in this town this kitten would surely have died. If I went to the unnamed vet in this post I would not have even been given the option to save her.

She is cured. She gets to grow up and have a good life because I chose my vet wisely and I was an advocate for this kitten. I am not someone special and you don’t need to be to advocate. Please look into your vet, their success rate treating your disease, and your options. When in doubt get a second opinion.

There may not always be an option or a cure, but you’ll sleep better knowing you looked it up and did everything you could to ensure you were getting the best treatment you could afford. Rant over.


Note from Elisa: Nicole’s story caught my attention and I obtained her permission to publish this as a Readers Forum story. People need to be proactive with the health of their pets. I’ve personally had to educate my vet on FIV and quality of life. Don’t give up too easily when lifesaving options are available.

Below is an article on PoC where Nicole adopted an FIV positive cat.

FIV+ cat abandoned with 15 others in Garner, NC has found his forever home

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