Veterinarian recommends 100% dry food diet – advice please

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I have a cat.. A Ragdoll rescue cat. He is indoor all the time, unless on leash with me walking about. 4 years old now. Happy and playful.

Has eaten wet cat food since the day I got him. Refuses anything else. So When I got my second cat, I soon realized he was not as prissy as my Ragdoll male.

He loves dry cat food ..wet cat food.. any kind of treat.. But my Ragdoll only eats wet cat food Fancy Feast Elegant Meadly.. until my kitten got older and my Ragdoll decided one day every time I tried to feed kitten, he was going to shove him out of his dish and eat up all the dry food first.

I assumed my Ragdoll was feeling a little needy having a new kitty in the home, and just wasn't used to the change quite yet. Plus my Ragdoll would throw up all this dry cat food within 10 minutes because his stomach is just too sensitive.

So as this continued, I noticed my Ragdoll stopped using the bathroom, rushing him to the vet and hundreds of dollars later, on medication and has been on a vet recommended URINARY SO Royal Canin dry food since.

It was hard to get him to eat this food I had to mix his old food and the new at first now he is completely traded over on cat food, on vet food since December, and is doing good.

I guess I wonder if this food is enough nutrition for my male Ragdoll? As he doesn't like it very much, considering he is on such food, what other foods could be mixed?

He has lost pounds and his fur is not as soft and shiny ..I have spoken with my vet about this, all he recommended was switching to another brand c/d/ ?!

I really do not think that is what my cat needs, he eats what I give him, but I think he needs more nutrition as well. He just isn't happy having to eat dry all the time.

I do know there is wet cat food by the same maker, and he has had that as well, but still its not the same. I notice this makes him unhappy and he sleeps a lot more often now?! Seems lazy?! and quiet, no more purring?! We always ask this question, what is the best cat food or number one cat food that can be fed ?

Is there one answer? Is it specific to breed or gender? indoor or outdoor?


Hi... thanks for visiting. As you know, SO Royal Canin is to help prevent urinary tract health problems.

But some vets say that dry cat food causes urinary tract health problems and also other health problems such as diabetes or it causes a permanent state of mild dehydration because cats do not compensate sufficiently for the low water content by drinking more water. They also say that dry cat food can cause mild hypoglycemia as it has high carbohydrate content.

I don't think just eating dry cat food - no matter how good or suitable it is - is the correct way to proceed.

There should be a mix and wet cat food is a much closer fit to natural prey food.

I would add some high quality wet food and some treats or even some raw food (with caution).

I would love to ask this vet how he justifies a cat just eating dry cat food. He seems to be formulaic in his ideas. Or perhaps he gets a commission on sale of the cat food. Did you buy it at his clinic? If so you know why he recommends it.

By the way, why did you cat suddenly stop going to the toilet. It seems that the vet decided he had a UTI or urinary tract health problem of some sort.

The general consensus has shifted from dry because there is a realisation that it is not that good! Simple as that.

I would certainly make sure he drinks more and you can achieve that by mircrowaving food like frozen fish and adding some water to make a kind of soup. If he likes fish a bit of that would help get water down him if he was only eating dry cat food.

The best cat food is prey food (a mouse) but that is inconvenient. The next best is high quality wet food. That is what I have decided after a considerable amount of reading.

Try buying Your Cat by Dr Elizabeth Hodgkins. She is both a vet and a cat food expert.

Cat food is not specific to a certain cat breed. They all need the same food subject to modification for some specific health reason.

His continued lethargy may indicate a health issue not yet identified that is not associated with the urinary tract. I don't know - just speculating.

Hope this helps.

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Veterinarian recommends 100% dry food diet - advice please

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Mar 28, 2012 Thank You So Much NEW
by: Anonymous

That is so much helpful information. Thank You all For your insite .. yes my vet sells this food out of his store. I will look into the raw diet some more. Thank you once again I will keep you posted 🙂

Mar 25, 2012 Another kind of canned Or dry NEW
by: Anonymous

Call Of The Wild is what it is called. You can only buy it online through a dealer or from a pet shop. Do what you think is best. My cocoa got urine infection and they wanted him on can food only "I only ever feed him dry" & he starved for four days & I just caved in & gave him his dry.

Mar 22, 2012 The "science" behind dry "science diets" are faulty NEW
by: Anonymous

Quite honestly, vets are not nutrition experts.
I have complete confidence in my vet's surgical skills, diagnostic abilities & ability to effectively treat any/all medical problems BUT I have no doubt that I am far more knowledgeable about proper nutrition for my pets.
Is it because of my training? Nope! Very little time is devoted to nutritional issues. It's because I've made it a point to learn.

Vets recommend it because they get kickbacks and have stock in the Brand name items..they are bad for your cats because they contain wheat. gluten's, corn, preservatives, White rice and other ingredients that are NOT good for pets..Also most have chicken meal or another type of meal..This means it was all ground down to nothing and it is NOT mostly MEAT..Holistic and natural foods contain none of the bad items and the first few ingredients are as follows MEAT, Brown rice, vegetables and fruit. Which means it contains more meat than any other item.

Mar 21, 2012 My advice NEW
by: Maggie

Royal Canin are a science diet, so that food is good for him. If I were you, I'd mix his old wet food in with the dry food. Then he can enjoy his wet food, while eating the prescribed dry food. For now, it sounds like it's best to keep things as simple as possible. Don't go making anymore major diet changes, it will only make him worse.

Good luck, let us know how he goes!

Mar 21, 2012 Veterinarians recommends 100% dry food diet. NEW
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

I have had cats since 1995, my first cat "Trixie" a albino/siameese adopted cat living for 12 years.At present i have two traditional Persian cats, 4 year old Queen cat Matatahari and her kitten that is now 3 years old tom-cat matata.I have fed all my cats a diet of boiled rice/minced meat and at times boiled fish along with boiled rice, typical Asian diet.I never ever fed any of my cats branded "CAT FOOD" which is now very popular in India with an increase in both, cat as well as dog owners.My cats have been the epitome of fitness with their natural diet cat food.The average cat requires a normal diet of natural non-vegetarian food, slightly wet.This is my experience with owning cats since 1995, a long time.Before this i owned dogs also feeding themm natural "Non-vegetarian food" and one of the dogs a standard smooth dachshund won numerous prizes in Mumbai in the "Indian national kennel dog shows", proof of a natural non-vegetarian diet of normal dog food.Ultimately, is the personal care and affection of the human owners that is more effective in the welfare of a pet rather than a perfect pet food diet.

Mar 21, 2012 Try raw NEW
by: LaPerm

My own Vet feeds this:

I am not sure where you are located, but they deliver to your door for free in the Seattle, WA and Portland, OR areas.

Mar 21, 2012 Try raw NEW
by: LaPerm

There are plenty of already made frozen raw diets on the market or you can make your own (here is a suggestion

Raw is natural for cats and dogs, but you do need to switch them over slowly. I took 2 months switching mine from one of the best all natural, no grain dry and canned foods to nothing but raw. I mixed a small amount of raw with their canned and dry, then very slowly cut back on the dry until it was canned & raw only, then kept cutting back on the canned until they were eating nothing but raw.

Between us my room-mate & I have 21 cats, the oldest is 12 and the youngest is 6 months (2 different breeds and we both show and breed). We are feeding them for less money than feeding dry & canned, plus we have zero vet costs.

We also are using less litter, as they produce less waste and the urine is not as strong smelling,even with our intact males. Males on a raw only diet do not develop urinary crystals and blockages.

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