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Veterinarian reports woman to Animal Control for ‘severe neglect and abuse’ for following raw cat food diet — 11 Comments

  1. I wish I felt comfortable preparing a raw diet. Im scared ill give tjem something that would make them ill.
    Id Love some guidence and advise on it though. Right now I feed Wellness. I know its not great. But Pet food wise its better than most.

    • There is a page on this website, a long and extensive page, about raw cat food. There are other pages to. One page describes buying off-the-shelf minced up meat to which you add a commercially manufactured supplement which together create a balanced diet for a cat. That sort of straightforwardness may be attractive to you but I can’t find the page – sorry. You might try the custom search facility and drill down. There are lots of pages on this topic on PoC.


  2. I also feed raw to my cats. They have never been so healthy. Raw diets
    prevent so many problems. Hard kibble is made with leftovers and dead animals. The pet food industry is really not regulated at all anymore and the pet foods is,if you remember the food that came over from China that killed so many pets in the US, is a good example. Look up Susan Thixton on the Internet and read what she has to say about our pet food industry. Not Good.

    • Well done Sandy. You are right to feed raw as long as you know the ins and outs of preparation and storage as I am sure you do.

      • That’s why I’ve never been able to bring myself to feed Raw.
        I’m just too worried I would get something wrong and make them sick

        • I regret to say that I feel the same way about it. I should know and do better. But I’m just a bit too worried that I will screw up. However, all the reports that I have read about raw cat food diets are good. Cat owners always report that their cat is in better health than before. Sometimes chronic illnesses are ameliorated or cured by a raw diet. It is a shame that veterinarians do not recommend raw diets to cure some illnesses. They resist because it will affect their profit margins by reducing sales of food that they sell on the shelves of their clinics.

  3. Absolutely! The burden needs to be on veterinary “foods” which are made from low quality and species-inappropriate ingredients. And on feeding dry food, which is linked to so many physiological issues, which are revenue to vets.

    • My FIV+ boy Brinkley had to go on sub-q fluids for awhile due to kidney issues. One we switched him to canned grain free he cleared up. And our other cats don’t get URI’s anymore since the quality of their food is better.

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