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Veterinarians clash with police over Croydon Cat Killer’s existence — 3 Comments

  1. We should be blaming Professor Harris for the
    end of Operation Takahe, also the Tory govern!ent & their swinging cuts to police budgets.

    Amazing what one irrelevant, cat hating biologist can achieve!

    SNARL are going to continue investigating, they have been approached by many ex Met officers, also scenes of crime officers from other forces, offering their expertise and help.

    SNARL have been unstinting, rational, methodical & compassionate in their pursuit of this demented ani mal killer, they won’t give up until ‘he’ is caught.

  2. I think that whatever police departments are involved in this issue have done an unthinkable disservice to all the cats and cat guardians in this area of England. This does not appear to be the end. 😱😭

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