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Veterinarians face two opposing viewpoints from their clients both of which causes them stress — 1 Comment

  1. I have erred on the side of trying longer to help a suffering pet, even as I couldn’t afford it, than giving up too soon and killing them for no good reason at all, which I have seen vets opt to do when out of my control. I’ve gone through those horrific scenarios on here already and they’re too painful to talk about again. It’s truly a shame when the only thing we can do about those instances is just decide whether we talk about it. Along these lines, I see the value in having a vet who can detach enough to make a rational decision and follow through with that, but I have decided not to use the services of certain vets who were too detached. I don’t want vets to suffer either, but I’ve appreciated when my vet tried valiantly to help my pet but ultimately had to euthanize them, and did cry over it. It’s a balance, and emotional states are out of control at times when they need all the control they can muster, but I still think the answer isn’t necessarily to kill feelings as easily as it is to kill the pet. I also don’t want my vet to burn out, but I’ve seen the result in a vet who became so empty as to be cruel and careless in his treatments. If you don’t care whether the animal lives, how can you do your best to help them in the first place, just to keep them around to suck money out of the owner? While that might work for some, it doesn’t for me.

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