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Veterinarians in America are underreporting to the FDA pet health problems due to defective petfood — 7 Comments

  1. There’s also the strong financial tie-in between vets and the large corporations who manufacture pet foods through subsidiary Companies. (Purina is owned by the NestlĂ© corporation and Royal Canin by the Mars group.)

    Maybe some vets are afraid to speak out against these huge corporations for fear of the potential repercussions?

    • I have a strong suspicion that UK vets are emotionally gagged. They don’t want to rock the boat in any way for fear of losing business. This means they don’t speak up against declawing or pet food products that are dodgy. They are constrained too much by financial considerations it could be argued but, that said, health in general is all based on money and there is no absolute right to good health treatment either for us or our companion animals.

  2. I just remembered something else. A friend had 2 healthy cats die within a month of each other. She had shared on a local bulletin board about some symptoms which were bloating, vomiting, loose stools, and abdominal pain.

    After having several tests done on the first one, the vet had no idea what was wrong. Within a couple of weeks, the cat was euthanized. Within a month, the 2nd cat was experiencing the same symptoms, and had multiple tests. The vet could provide no answers. That cat was also euthanized.

    When the owner questioned the vet about possible causes, the vet said “It doesn’t matter now.”

    I kept asking my friend what she was feeding, but she didn’t answer until her 3rd cat got sick. She’d been feeding Iams kibble. That’s all they ate. I don’t think the vet ever asked what she was feeding her cats.

    I asked my friend to stop feeding Iams, as it’s been recalled many times. I haven’t heard how her 3rd cat is, or if she’s changed the food.

    In spite of all the cat food information I have shared on the BB, many people just don’t make the connection. I guess it’s the same with people who eat junk, and don’t make the connection to their health problems.

    • Interesting comment Sandy. Very sad. Having researched and read about commercial cat food for years, I feel there is a major potential and somewhat overlooked or hidden health problem which is being ignored by the vets and the manufacturers

  3. I recall reading recently about a “gag rule” on vets regarding pet food,but now I can’t seem to find it by searching. I don’t think it was here.

    Does anyone know about this?

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