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Veterinarians’ Open Letter to Kristen Lindsey — 14 Comments

    • Yes, good point. They have ignored these issues. They simply focused on what I would cat the criminal in this matter. Although surprisingly Lindsey was not prosecuted in the criminal courts.

  1. I’m in doubt that 100 Veterinarians signed off on this letter. Seems like something arranged by the evil kristen lindsey’s people to use to lighten her punishment saying people are on her side. And for the people who feel what she did is acceptable, why dont you leave your kids with her. I have no sympathy for her or anyone who stands behind her. Obviously her parents chose not to raise her with class. If she were shot thru the head with an arrow that would be fine with me. I purposely used lower case letters in referencing her because I consider her scum and not worthy of proper grammar. Karma Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well said Sally, probably a few sadists out there who want to legally kill animals because of their mental state !

  3. The sentence you highlighted is exactly what bothers me about this defense of Kristen Lindsay. The issue has never been that she killed a cat by an “unapproved” method, it was that she killed a cat for no reason at all. Is the veterinary community trying to suggest that vets, since they can legally kill animals, should be able to kill whatever animal they choose as long as it is done by an “approved” method? Veterianians often euthanise perfectly healthy purebred animals that don’t meet “breed standards” at the breeder’s request as well.
    It seems to me that the AVMA is using the case of KL killing Tiger to say that they have the RIGHT to kill or mutilate animals as long as it is by AMVA methods. They mention mental illness and suicide rates which they never mentioned in regard to KL at all up to and during her hearing. Could it be that there is a high rate of mental illness and suicide because vets are often REQUIRED to kill and mutilate animals, or that some vets, such as KL, choose to be vets BECAUSE they can kill and hurt animals legally? In any case, the apologist attitude towards the clearly unnecessary killing of an innocent cat attempts to devalue the life of any animal killed by a veterinarian. Unfortunately, in that process, it manages to devalue the life of any animal killed by anyone as well.

  4. Any cyberbullying Lindsey gets heaped on her she unleashed all on her own.
    BTW when she ‘euthanized’ Tiger she didn’t have the owners consent nor was the cat in pain or suffering. At least not until she dangled his drawn up paralyzed body like a trophy on FB.
    She had no right to kill Tiger. Period. She is a sick twisted mentally deranged drunkard who got some jollies shooting her bow and arrow at a cat that was doing no harm and I don’t believe for one second she though was feral. Her and a few others in the profession would not be missed if they became a statistic.

  5. It’s really interesting about the suicide rate. Perhaps the other vets feel it’s the right thing to do to appear concerned all sticking together, safety in numbers, closing ranks and all that. I think it’s a huge mistake to bleat on about her mental health without a mention of the suffering that this cats family endured.

    • Yes, I agree with you. I think the veterinarians who wrote this letter got it wrong. I think it gives the wrong message. I think they would have done better if they had kept quiet. They say things which I think indicates that there is something wrong in the profession.

      • Great article Michael and very worrying to think that at least 100 vets condone Lindsey’s actions and arrogance.

        The only reason suicide is deemed to be more common amongst vets and others in medical professions, is because they have access to lethal drugs and the knowledge to ensure a quick and painfree death.

    • You are too kind, Albert. But your comment is welcome because it is nice to have some support when I stick my neck out and say something which is perhaps a little bit controversial. I always feel that I have to be honest and say what I believe without qualifying it or modifying it too much.

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