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Veterinarians Who Say Declawing Cats Saves Lives Are Lying — 5 Comments

  1. There are scores of declawed cats for adoption at the big shelters in Albuquerque.
    One issue with cats is the misconception they cannot be trained. Most respond wonderfully to clicker training.
    Initially someone may declaw to save the sofa. The end up with an animal that in my opinion malfunctions not only because of pain but psychological damage
    from having a tool they are hardwired to use chopped off. Dr Pol is horrible example of veterinary medicine.
    BTW one of the behaviors that is common but seldom addressed. When you remove one form of defense. Like claws may cats become biters.
    From the vets view. If I don’t declaw this cat will be dumped. Either at a shelter or outside to fend for itself.
    There are vets that will indeed do anything for a buck. There are those that will refuse no matter what. So here’s a hypothetical question. You are the vet. Your practice follows the guidelines set out for declawing in a modern practice. That means you offer, push every alternative and failing that explain exactly what happens when you declaw a cat and the behavior problems that are likely to be worse than a scratch on granny’s leg. The client insists. You know they’re going to find Vet X within a few phone calls. He might make Pol look good.
    Ethically , and I am not a vet. I would refuse. I would feel bad for the cat but I believe people are responsible for their decisions good and bad. The thing is either way the cat ends up mutilated.
    As per the 100$ to declaw. Those are butcher prices.
    I look to see this whole argument moot in the next few years. A ban is coming.
    I love my cats , claws and all. Those wicked little tools. I cherish every claw mark on my very expensive desk left by Kitten. The feline equivalent of a water buffalo landing on my desk every day for 11 years to join me in tea.

    • Thanks ME King. Nice comment. Agreed – a ban is coming because it must come. It must come because declawing can never be justified when done for non-therapeutic reasons (99% of the time). Worse: it is a legalised violent assault on vulnerable kittens and cats.

  2. Bullshit,declawed cats are the ones most abandoned/surrendered due to garnering behavioral problems,I have one,her former owner threw her away and now I know why,she refuses to use the cat box and i tried everything to curb her of her behavior but nothing has worked so I clean up after her daily!

    • Absolutely. I can remember one of the AVMA representatives at a council meeting spouting all that BS about cats being relinquished. Now we have definitive proof that vets cannot use that argument anymore.

    • Absolutely. Additionally, a lot of people don’t want to adopt declawed cats because they are afraid that they’d have behavior problems or they have a clawed cat at home or they don’t want to completely renounce the possibility of letting the cat outside or they just like cats with claws.

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