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Veterinary Clinic Employee Arrested on Charges of Aggravated Animal Abuse — 21 Comments

  1. While I can understand being stressed out and upset about the death of her dog, any sympathy I have for that woman evaporates when I read how she targeted her daughter’s cats.

  2. The anger I feel right now can not be measured or put into words that are allowed here. There is NO excuse what so ever to do this to any animal. In my humble opinion she should be charged to the fullest extent of the law. Then sentenced to jail, where she should be put into a cell full of animal lovers. When the lights go off at night the guards will suddenly go deaf for the night. But we know this won’t happen because she is protected by the law. She will get a slap on the wrist and allowed back out to do it again the next time she gets “upset” when something doesn’t go right in her eyes.

  3. I can hardly think of an appropriate thing to say about this woman. She should count her blessings that I am not the one that decides her fate. The thought is not pretty.

  4. This is so sick Michael she needs to go away where she cannot hurt anyone! I hope the DSS will be investigating her and taking the child for child abuse! That poor kid will never be the same!

  5. It sounds like the very same reason that perfectly well-adjusted women snap and inexplicably run out into heavy traffic to end their lives or leap to their deaths. They suffer from no previous mental or emotional problems in their lives, then one day they just snap-decision end it all. According to those studies and reports, for some unexplained reason, they also only choose the most painful and grisly forms of death.

      • Why did you edit my comment that provides the reason that they do it? Anyone can do a web-search on toxoplasmosis to find those studies that prove it.

        I don’t allow people to change my words for me. If that’s how you run this site, no wonder people don’t come back.

        • Gary, I edited your comment because this website gets trolled by a person called Woodsman001. He hates cat lovers and insults them. Your comment appeared to be from him as he uses many aliases. That is one reason why I edited it. The other reason is that the statement is incorrect and misleading. Toxoplasmosis has been totally misrepresented on the internet by cat hating people.

          • So let me get this correct. You believe that all the numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies about cats’ toxoplasmosis parasites from every country around the globe, from some of the most well-respected and trusted research centers, are all just a cat-haters’ conspiracy against what you want to believe with no actual proof of anything of your own. And that this even gives you the right to censor others who might try to educate people in order to stop them from committing suicide or other violent acts.

            Does that sum it up?

            What color is your sky? If you answer blue (or gray when overcast, or black at night) I’ll be very surprised. Or should I better ask, what color of sky are the toxoplasmosis parasites in your brain making you see?

  6. Keep in mind that this is Lake County, Florida. The hellhole of the state.
    Not really so surprising. I lived there (Mount Dora) for about 10 years, and groped my way out. No sane person would, voluntarily, live in Lake County.
    They, especially, pride themselves in the 4H groups who raise sheep, lambs, etc. only to be slaughtered for display at supermarkets. I’m not sure that these children who love and care for these animals really know what their outcome will be.
    There is a complete disregard for any animal there. They are “things” that humans have sole power over.

  7. I’m stunned to hear a story like this. Up until she *snapped,* Ms. Glideman seemed she could have been like one of us, an obvious animal lover, caretaker, nurturer. It just doesn’t make sense. My heart goes out to those poor animals and to her daughter. I hope a therapist talks with the daughter. People who abuse animals often hurt people. As an animal-lover and cat-guardian and a mother, the whole thing is horrifying.

  8. I advocate for capital punishment (the death penalty) for anyone who wilfully harms any cat. This story is absolutely sickening. This woman should never see the light of day again.

  9. I work at a Veterinary Hospital and there are times we get overwhelmed and stressed. I could tell you a number of stories about animals brought in with tragic situations but we try to save all the ones we can. But the largest part of the stress for me is when I see owners who don’t properly care for their animal companions and either wait until they’re almost dead to bring them in or flat out don’t care about them. Too often people bring in pets they’ve had for years to “get rid” of them with any lame excuse for surrendering them. Granted there are valid reasons people must surrender but we have become too much of a disposable society and when our life style no longer allows “excess baggage”, we’re ready to dump it. You could really get me on a soap box about this subject but my heart breaks for these poor pets (especially the senior ones) that are cast off into an unknown world with an unknown future. One can only cringe at the sad and confused feelings they must experience.

  10. Any time I hear these stories it breaks my heart. This one sounds like revenge to get even with the daughter, but who knows what kind of dynamics were going on with this person. I look into the eyes of our cats and sheep and see only love. I cannot fathom the terror and pain these animals had to go through at the hands of someone they gave all their trust to. I feel sorry for the daughter too. All of her animals have been taken from her. That leaves a big void in her heart. I understand why they were taken but it has to be hard to deal with for this kid. I hope that she can have her animals back but not if the mother is involved in any way.

  11. This is a sickening story and a very surprising one. It is almost as if something cracked for this women. It is as if she had a nervous breakdown. The judge may have a medical report prepared.

    If she is psychologically well and fit then she is a fake and a monster (working as she is at a vets) who should receive the maximum punishment allowed.

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