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Veterinary hospital, pet shop, boarding, dog clinic in Thane, India

Veterinary hospital, pet shop, boarding, dog clinic in Thane, India

Planet Animal Hospital is unique in India in combining an animal hospital, boarding facilities and a pet shop. And it is open 24/7. That probably makes it unique on the planet! The hospital was founded in 2005 and is ISO quality certified. It is located at 9, Chestnut Plaza, Opp. Edenwoods,near D Mart, Ghodbander Road, Thane, Maharashtra 400602, India.

Planet Animal hospital is also well known for its pet clinic. The clinic provides a complete service including preventative medicine and conselling. Advice is provided to clients on the telephone and at unsocial hours to ensure wellness for their pets. When other veterinary surgeries are unavailable at unsocial hours Animal Planet Hospital is available to provide best quality care dealing with a wide range of emergencies including: poisoning, snake bite, gastro, seizures etc. Many lives have been saved. Common complaints such as skin infections are diagnosed using modern equipment.

Recently we equipped the hospital with an ear endoscope to detect yeast infections. There are plans to install a fully fledged ICU with emergency and critical care facilities including computerized multi para monitors that will record ECG, SPO2, NIBP.Temp, blood pressure, and respiration of dogs.

Dr L D Pawar MVSc (Surgery) is the visiting surgeon. A example is the treatment of 3 year old Jimmy Pomeranian belonging to Priya of Thane (now settled in Dubai) who underwent an operation for an ovarian cyst/tumor. They say Jimmy was reborn at planet animal hospital not once but thrice. Priya always consults and is a very happy client.

Another example is Snoopy, an Irish setter, belonging to Mrs Apte who had a cyst in his anal region. He was operated by Dr Shashank Kamble and Dr Sarojini Kamble and is doing very well. He later developed severe ear infection that was also cured by these vets and he is relieved of the pain and suffering.


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