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Veterinary Treatments: Finding the Right Balance — 9 Comments

  1. I have a friend that carries insurance on her 2 dogs and says she would not be without it.

    I have never had insurance on any of my pets. It wouldn’t be in my best financial interest unless it was a catastrophic illness or disease because of the number of felines I have in my care. Michael, you are correct that in the end, health care is related to money, in pets and people.

  2. Phew a long session today for poor Walter, thoroughly gone over again and blood taken, then we waited for the results, all his organs fine, liver, kidneys, heart, thyroid, no growths, but his white blood cells were up which means an infection but doesn’t say what. He’s had more steroid and a course of them now and the long acting antibiotic he had yesterday, some invalid food to tempt him to eat, hoping he gets better soon. He was so good bless him.

  3. We’ll have to take Walt to the vets again this afternoon, he just isn’t interested in food…..very worried about him.

  4. l. Terrierman’s Daily Dose: Veterinary Trades Say It’s Time to Rip Off the Rubes.

    2. The Golden Age of Veterinary Medicine.

    These two web-posts explain why many people with conscience enough to care about the health of fur-children cannot afford to adopt them. The vets are in part to blame for the wholesale destruction of animals abandoned to the shelters.

    One vet in these towns charges @ $152.00 to kill a cat. A pitiful process taking six to eight minutes.

    Another equally competent vet, eight blocks down the street, charges $48.00.

    • Interesting Sylvia Ann. In the London, UK (a very expensive city) my vet charges £38. They are located in a posh area. Also my vet does not take the money there and then. You can pay much later.

      Health for people and pets is a dilemma in trying to get it right. Insurance has its failings and the NHS in England has its failings too.

    • We’ve never in 40 years insured our cats, we put money aside for their care and use it for nothing else, what we don’t have for ourselves, we do without.
      We had Walter at the vets yesterday, he’s not eating much and that’s not like him at all. Thankfully Sarah was on duty, she could only find that he has a bit of a sore throat and paw, she isn’t one who ‘meets the targets’ and gave him steroid/antibiotics and 24 hours to see if he improves. If not then it’s blood tests for him to identify if it is an infection, not a virus!
      He had a good supper but picky again today, he has until 3pm to improve and if so we can cancel today’s appointment, hoping and praying we don’t have to take him, it’s hot and distressing for him…..and us too.

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