Vet’s Oath

The vet’s oath is at the core of all he or she does at work. If he breaks his oath, he cannot call himself a good vet no matter how good he is. That is my personal viewpoint. It is based on common sense principles. Ruth kindly created a poster that graphically tells the unhappy tale of the vet in America who may start his career with the highest of ideals but is soon sucked into declawing kittens for profit. Is there any worse way of undermining your work as a vet? Ruth’s vet in the poster sticks by his oath. He did the right thing.

The poster below is free to use under a creative commons license provided it is used “as is” and a credit provided as follows: “Poster by Ruth AKA Kattaddorra”. It can be downloaded by right clicking on the poster and selecting, “save image as..”. The poster can then be printed as a hard copy or its size reduced for use on the internet. This page is part of the PoC website. You can go to Ruth’s page on this subject by clicking on this link: DECLAWING AND NEWLY QUALIFIED YOUNG VETS. I also have an earlier page on the subject: The Veterinarian’s Oath.

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