Video: a kitten rescue which will take your breath away

This so sweet. Everything about it is gorgeous but for one thing: the terror experienced by the kitten in the middle of this traffic-congested road. The kitten was luckily in the middle of the lane and paralysed with fear so remained there. The guy who did this beautiful cat rescue is a firefighter. His name is Kwok Kin Wai (Kevin Kwok). The place: Hong Kong. Kevin (I’ll call him Kevin) was on his motorbike. He saw the kitten and then decided to stop but he stopped a considerable distance from the cat.

He jogged back to rescue the cat. He confidently stopped the traffic. He was filmed by the person in the car behind on a car cam. Kevin then jogs back along the busy road down one of the lanes to his bike. He posts the event on Facebook and asks for an adopter. A man comes forward and we see him handing over the kitten to his/her new owner.

I am grateful to for the report and the images.

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