Video: after five days cat pulled alive from rubble of Italian earthquake

Five days after being trapped under the rubble of the Italy earthquake, a skinny cat named Gigia has survived. The cat’s owner Daniela had pleaded with the fire department for days to look for her beloved pet.

Gigi was dehydrated and appears to eagerly drink from the water bottle offered by the rescue services. Gigi is now doing fine after being checked out by vets.

Over 300 animals have been rescued to date after the earthquake struck including cats, dogs and horses.

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2 thoughts on “Video: after five days cat pulled alive from rubble of Italian earthquake”

  1. I commend the officials who saved over 300 animals, including Gigia.
    I, completely, understand Daniela’s desperation to find her beloved cat and would have been overturning rubble myself.
    But, I have an understanding of why the officials couldn’t spend all of their time looking for one pet when so many needed to be saved.
    I love that Gigia had a happy ending.


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