Video: Do Cats Love Babies?

This video shows us that cats love babies. Human babies that is. Do cats love babies more than adults? I don’t know but I don’t think so. Why should cats love babies more than adults?

The video is called “cats love babies compilation” but we never see a video entitled “cats love adult humans” or “cats love humans” because not all cats love all humans.

It is a very cute video.  I get the impression that cats love the smell of babies but not always the activities of babies. Babies can sometimes mishandle cats and their voices can frighten cats. I have even heard of cats being jealous of babies.

I do believe that cats are good for babies. In the long term the baby should grow up to like cats and the baby might have acquired some immunisations.

 ….children living with ‘pets’ were 44% less likely to get an ear infection and 29% less likely to be prescribed antibiotics; a big improvement.

6 thoughts on “Video: Do Cats Love Babies?”

  1. Beautiful cats! Babies too of course but I can’t go all mushy at babies like I do cats, I don’t mind in real life telling a new mother her baby is beautiful …but hold it? No thanks lol
    I think cats are good around babies as long as they aren’t pushed out of the family and made jealous by over anxious parents, or used as toys as the baby grows and starts grabbing.
    Responsible parents can ensure a child grows up loving and respecting cats and yes it must help his/her immune system develop too.

  2. I agree with Barbara I could see some of the cats had claws but some paws looked shorter but it was hard to tell for sure with them moving.
    My brother and I were born into a house of cats and grew up loving them our mother taught us to be kind just as I’ve taught my kids the same.If we got scratched we deserved it and soon learned that lesson.

    • It would be disappointing to me if the parents of these babies had declawed their cats to protect the baby. For me, that would totally undermine the attractiveness of these interactions between cat and baby.

  3. I enjoyed watching the video but it was slightly spoiled for me because I was worrying about how many of those cats are declawed. I could see that the ginger cat at the start has his claws and tried to see if all the others did, some I don’t think did have claws. Having said that it was lovely to see cats interacting with babies and people trusting them to cuddle up together and not panicking about the cat passing on some deadly plague to the baby, this is how to make little ones grow up loving cats and how to prevent cats being jealous of babies.

  4. Thanks, Michael. I smiled all the way through the video.
    Cats just know who they can love on and who they can’t.
    A baby’s laugh and kitty strokes and kisses… it’s all good.

    • I have wondered if cats prefer the scent (natural body odour) of a person and dislike the scent of a different person but I don’t know what type of scent they prefer.

      As we know, cats are very scent orientated. There may be some sort of chemical given off by some people and not others that cats like.


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