Video: Family Cat Uses Toilet Without Training

This tabby-and-white family cat wanted to use the family toilet and he did so without any training or encouragement. This is the first case of self-taught human toilet use by a cat that I have heard about.

Cat uses human toilet without training

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In fact the owner was unsure why the ‘person’ using the toilet was not flushing afterwards! So she set up a hidden camcorder and the result is plain to see.

“I’d noticed that someone had not been flushing the toilet in one of our bathrooms,” the owner said

She or he had asked family members who was not flushing! No one admitted to not flushing. Also, the cat litter tray contained no pee, only poop. The answer was probably there.

The interesting aspect of this is that domestic cats need training to use human toilets. That is the conventional viewpoint.

This video is further evidence that domestic cats watch and learn. They are good observers and learning through observation. Also they like scent and the scent of human urine is important to domestic cats. They respond to it.

I am not completely sure what the response is! But cats like it and want to be around it. That’s my experience anyway. When I have a pee, my Gabriel immediately drops what he is doing and comes into the bathroom and jumps up onto a shelf behind the toilet and then onto the widow frame overlooking the garden so that he is at my head height from where he looks at me and occasionally we touch noses in a greeting. He’ll also jump down to go outside sometimes. He enjoys it. It makes peeing a tricky business however!

I think for a cat the smell of our urine is reassuring. Perhaps they think we are marking our territory and as they see themselves as our offspring or associates/friends our actions are reassuring.

If you have a better idea tell me in a comment!

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Source: Video: Hidden camera discovers cat has been using toilet like a human – Telegraph

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