Video I made has 10 million views

I am blowing my trumpet and I feel that it is justified. This video has just passed the 10 million views mark today.

It is a fine video even if I say so myself. It is good because the cat is unique. She was or perhaps still is the world’s tallest domestic cat. She’s ‘Magic’ a first filial (F1) Savannah cat bred at A1 Savannahs in Oklahoma (near Ponca City). Currently Magic lives in California I believe.

The boy is the son, Andreas, of Martin and Kathrin Stucki, who owned A1 Savannahs at the time. They sold the business some time ago. The boy has grown up now. The video was made 8 years ago. This video has made quite a lot of money in advertising. I don’t know exactly how much but a reasonable sum in the thousands of dollars. But PoC has donated thousands of US dollars to animal rescue too.

The video material was recorded by Kathrin (on a Flip video camera) and I edited it and added the music. Some people don’t like the music but I think it works well. It is a tender, moving relationship. I expect that Andreas has not seen Magic for many years but I could be wrong.

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