Video: mayor defends Hamilton Township Animal Shelter after sackings and criminal charges

Mayor Yaede defends the animal shelter.
Mayor Yaede defends the animal shelter.
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On May 4th 2019, I wrote about the sacking and criminal charging of two senior executives of the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter (the link opens a new tab/page). There were allegations of irregular euthanasia of more than 300 shelter animals before the end of the standard hold time which painted the shelter in an unfavorable light.

Former Hamilton shelter director Todd Bencivengo, left, and Hamilton Health Officer Jeffrey Plunkett. Photo:
Former Hamilton shelter director Todd Bencivengo, left, and Hamilton Health Officer Jeffrey Plunkett both charged. Photo:

Mayor Kelly Yaede defends the shelter in the Facebook video below and believes that political shenanigans are behind the whole matter. An unannounced state inspection kicked off the affair. Beforehand everything appeared fine at the shelter and there were positive reviews in early 2017 from the former New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

“….much of the ongoing issues have more to do with politics….[I am] asking a higher authority to review the issue.”

Mayor Yaede

Mayor Yaede hints at the problem with the high euthanasia rate in her video. The shelter was euthanising pets on demand by their owners, she said. She says that the cats and dogs were at the end of their lives and the shelter was providing a service no different to that provided by veterinarians. This inflated the euthanasia rate. The shelter has since changed to a no-kill model.

They have made changes and the mayor wants their efforts to be recognised. She does not have specific detailed information about the charges against the two individuals (as I understand it) and has asked a higher authority to investigate the matter.

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