Video of brave tabby cat fighting off coyote

Cat fights off coyote
Cat defends and fights off attacking coyote. Screenshot.
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This is a nice but slightly scary video of a tabby-and-white outdoor cat in a driveway outside a person’s home (the owner?) being confronted by a coyote and fighting the coyote off with swipes to the predator’s face.

It took place in Altadena, USA. The security camera’s software sent the video to the homeowner’s smartphone so they shared it online via a Google app called Neighbours by Ring.

Altadena is in Los Angeles County, California, United States, approximately 14 miles from the downtown Los Angeles Civic Center, and directly north of the city of Pasadena, California (Wikipedia).

Coyotes often attack and kill domestic and feral cats. Some get away but many succumb. It’s nice to see a cat fighting back. I’d expect most cats run and climb. Climbing must be a good defensive strategy.

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