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Video of Canada lynx in verbal duel

The news media have described this as caterwauling but I would not call it that because strictly speaking caterwauling is a vocalisation employed for long distance mating calls. This is a couple of male lynx in a standoff (face off) making loud sounds to (a) prevent a fight over territory but at the same time (b) establish that territory. The bigger one near the camera wins as the other slowly walks away at the end of the verbal duel. This hoo-ha does an efficient job of organising their relationship without getting hurt in a fight. Domestic cats have identical behaviour. You see it all the time in indoor/outdoor domestic cats. They were videoed in the state of Maine, USA by Daniel Wadleigh a fisherman. These are Canada lynx in America. They occupy the north-easterly area of America and across almost all of Canada. They are hunted and trapped for their fur. An activity which I find abhorrent.

Photo: Daniel Wadleigh

You just never know whats going to be around the next bend in the road up here inn the great north woods (make sure your volume is up when you watch the video) and if you look close one is tagged

Daniel Wadleigh

Daily Mail version of the video

Facebook video as uploaded by Daniel Wadleigh

I have published 2 versions of the video incase one disappears. They often do. Daniel Wadleigh was driving to Jackman, Maine which is not far from the Canada-US border when he say these cats. He was scouting for fishing spots.

“I was going to just take pictures, and I realized they were making that weird noise and I was like, ‘I better film this, this is interesting,’”

Daniel Wadleigh

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