Video of cat being rescued at Russian garbage plant conveyor belt

This is a happy ending video on the New York Post website which shows a tuxedo cat being rescued by a garbage plant worker. I think he is placing garbage from a container onto the conveyor belt which is taken to a machine which would have surely killed the cat. It seems fortuitous that he picked the cat out of the container rather than simply throwing everything that was in the container onto the conveyor belt. Someone had disposed of their cat as if they were standard garbage.

The cat has been named as an honorary assistant to the Regional Environment Minister. Below is the video on a tweet on the Twitter website from the TACC news agency. I’m presenting the video twice in case one of them disappears. This can and does happen not to infrequently regrettably.

The Google translation of the Russian text in the tweet is as follows:

A cat in a tied sack was found at a waste sorting complex for MSW processing in Ulyanovsk. He could have got into the separator, if not for the vigilance of one of the workers.

Not a bad translation for Google! Thank you very much. The region’s environmental affairs ministry declared a contest to name the rescued cat who will be taken to the ministry where they will live while being cared for by employees.

The Minister Gulnara Rakhmatulina said that if people have difficulty keeping their cat at home, they should always consider giving them to a shelter, which of course is good advice.

Cat rescued from Russian waste processing plant
Photo: Natural Resources Ministry in Ulyanovsk region.
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The environment ministry has awarded the employee, Mikhail Tukash, who saved the cat, and the processing plant’s director, with letters of appreciation.

Tukash said that the cat was silent inside the bag and he wasn’t moving either. He had to cut the bag open to screen the contents for metals and in doing so discovered the cat. He said that he was just doing his job. A vet checked out the cat and found he/she was in good health.

The processing plant is about 700 km east of Moscow and they say that it’s the third animal to be rescued there. In the past they’ve rescued an African hedgehog who they named Vezunka (meaning Lucky) and two red-eared slider turtles. Russia, too, has people who throw animals away but they aren’t alone in these acts of cruelty.

Here is the NY Post video:

As mentioned sometimes these videos stop working for reasons beyond my control and if this has happened, I apologise.

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