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Video of Cat Being Rescued from Flooded Home in York, UK — 5 Comments

  1. Oh, this is a must-read for ANYONE that is associated with this “Irish” character with the fake-Irish accent.

    …..Jaque, you cannot insult visitors to this website and hope to have your comment published by me the person who owns and runs the website. It’s impossible for you to think you can do that. If you insult visitors you may put those visitors off and I as the website’s owner want visitors to come back and feel comfortable coming back. I don’t mind arguing with trolls in the interest of the welfare of the domestic cat. That’s why I argue and fight with cat hating trolls. I do it for the sake of the cat but I try and avoid it because not everyone likes to argue. And nobody likes to be insulted. If you do it again you’ll be banned like anybody else who does the same sort of thing. (admin – Michael)

      • I see. So it’s okay with you that one of your “favored” visitors tortured her own cat to death from selfish neglect. (And that I provided proof-positive evidence of that with a link direct to the source–her own post in her own words, NOW VERIFIABLE TO ANYONE. Now deleted and edited by YOU!)

        I get it now. Visitor-Count to your website is more valuable to you than cats’ lives or their being forced to suffer to death for 3 months. Got it.

        Yeah, you have so much to be proud of about yourself, don’t you.

        Forgive the phrase “Birds of a Feather”. You are now just as guilty as she for covering-up the evidence of her torturing her own cat to death for 3 months.

    • Me too. The cries of an anguished cat under those sorts of conditions is distressing for people who love cats. You could sense the anxiety that this cat had gone through with the flooding and with the temporary loss of his/her caretakers. Cats are creatures of routine which was completely destroyed by the floods.

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