Video of cats being rescued during Hurricane Harvey

I went through hell and high water to find this video of cats being rescued during Hurricane Harvey! I really wanted to try and capture a flavor of cat rescue during this epic hurricane which has been reported on internationally. Almost all the videos and still photographs are of dogs being rescued.

There are strong indications that a different attitude has been evident with regard to saving pets during this hurricane compared to Hurricane Katrina. Pets are going with people. They are not being left behind and that is something that was learnt, I believe, from Katrina. An obligation was placed upon local authorities to ensure that facilities were provided for people and their pets ensuring that they were not left behind.

Will there be less lost cats and dogs after Hurricane Harvey than after Katrina?

As the news people say: pets are family members and they should be treated in exactly the same way as other family members are treated. Many pet owners would not contemplate leaving without their cat our dog.

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