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Video of Father Cat Comforting Mother with Newborns Provokes Heated Debate — 12 Comments

  1. I did not kick off the discussion, I responded and agreed with someone else’s comment about pet overpopulation. I also responded to many ignorant and apathetic comments concerning pet overpopulation.

  2. Is it me or is no one ever allowed to view a video, movie, etc. just for pure good feelings any more ? It seems that ever since the downturn in the economy no one is ever allowed to have any fun and everything is so serious and depressing that it is a miracle more people have not slit their throats. And if someone catches someone else having fun or being happy they will make sure to crap all over it. LIGHTEN UP everyone, it is ok to have fun just to have fun. Take tbe misery down a notch, you might actually enjoy life believe it or not.

    • I think you are right Michele. The world has become overly serious. It may be due to the serious mess the world is in. Or it may be a spin off from political correctness.

      • I totally agree it is a combination of things, miserable people want everyone else to be miserable too. They may disguise it by using political correctness and being all righteous and high and mighty like trashing people who like the video. They are jealous and resentful of happy people.
        When I see this video I am convinced there is a God who created all creatures. It is beautiful and heartwarming. I believe it proves that cats are sentient beings. Too bad some humans do not have that much capacity for caring. They could take a lesson from the video.

    • Nail on the head. We can enjoy nothing without having our social conscious kicked or being accused of not being woke or some such new nonsense.
      I am no longer in rescue because while it is usually 100% positive for the animals it is almost 100% soul draining for the person involved because of the endless cycle of human stupidity that repeats over and over when it comes to being responsible pet owners.

      • Exactly, it is great that there are people who are responsible pet parents but there have been cat abusers and cat haters since the stone age. No matter what the source is, including mental illness, mo one is going to change them. We cannot lecture them and flame them on social media to get them to change. It is a waste of energy and very stressful. The only thing we can do is continue to volunteer our time or money to help animals, spay/neuter, adopt do not shop, help get stronger animal abuse laws passed, etc. Fighting on social media does absolutely nothing to help animals. Ignore all the negativity or it will drain you like you said. It is a trap and the negative people feed off it and drain your energy. They want you to be miserable all the time.

      • I am also in rescue and it is difficult sometimes. There are zealots in the rescue world, not just on social media. Some of the things they insist on do not help the animals get adopted. An example is insisting that 2 adult cats are a bonded pair and have to be adopted together. Most people do not want to take 2 cats for various reasons. I believe if they are adult cats they will adjust and it is making it very hard for them to get adopted. It really bothers me for the sake of the animals. This is putting control issues ahead of the animals welfare and I get stressed over it.

  3. All I think I am viewing in this video- is a responsible pet owner, involved in a very loving and natural event between the cat parents, which has been allowed to take place because of their unique situation. Will these cats be abandoned ?? They seem to be loved and cared for judging by the video & story behind it . I hope I’m right in assuming this to be the case. However-I may be portraying my own values with this one ?
    All the fuzzy feelings may be just the direct results of the new parents. Hope lives, but is not enough when compassionate decisions are not followed up afterwards. Pet ownership is not a task to be taken lightly. Eva

  4. At some point if new kittens are not born none of us will have cats.
    I watched our original feral colony for years. It’s was quite common to leave the baby usually no more than one or two survived very long, with the male cats and go hunting.
    I probably should have aborted Tera’s kits but then I wouldn’t have my Tabbinese Tigers, Frog and Toad. The issue is not kittens being born it’s the booming feral cat population and the excess.

  5. Wait a minute! This may be a tempest in a teapot. I absolutely love the tenderness shown in the video, but look at the face of the “papa cat.” It is tapered, not tomcat-shaped. I think we may be dealing with another female comforting the mama cat — a “doula” or midwife. That happens quite often.

      • Of course, but it being the papa cat makes a better story. Just wondering … Whatever the backstory, the video is absolutely enchanting & reminds us how wonderful nature is, don’t you agree?

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