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Video of female puma with cubs defending her family against a jogger — 3 Comments

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  2. A shortened version of this was on the local newscasts for a couple of days. I concur that he overreacted a bit. Anyone who lives in that area, even here in New England where pumas are also common, should have the wherewithal to never jog at dawn or dusk. Bear repellant and a loud bear horn are also a must-have.

    Glad that he videotaped his encounter for others to see. The fact that he faced the big cat was a smart move. A local wildlife expert here also suggested that anyone in the wilderness like this also have a mask worn backwards, as animals like this are less likely to attack if they see a face. Sounds plausible.

    On the other hand, seeing cubs and not exiting the area immediately was his first mistake. Growing up, my dad was a hunter (food only, never for sport) with pearls of wisdom. He always told us, if you see cubs around (cats, bear, deer, et al), you know momma’s not far behind. Let this be a lesson.

    • Well said Gail and thanks for your thoughts. My first thought as mentioned was that the puma is smaller than one envisages. The puma is painted as a huge and dangerous predator. And they are quite a shy cat. They don’t want to get involved with people and wisely.

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