Video of the story of Tiger, the cat killed by veterinarian Kristen Lindsey, whose license was revoked by the TBVME

Tiger’s Justice Team have prepared an informational video of the now well-known story of the illegal killing by bow and arrow of Tiger, a red, tabby-and-white cat belonging to a neighbour.

I believe it is important to keep this story in the news because it is ongoing. The story is not over. It’ll be over when justice is delivered to all people who respect all cats and those who want to see fair punishment for the callous and brutal slaying of a outside cat by a veterinarian who should know and behave better.

At present we are all awaiting the outcome of the appeal at the State Office of Administrative Hearing from the decision of the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners to revoke Kristen Lindsey’s veterinarian’s license to practice.

I believe this appeal hearing is scheduled for Feb 2016.

2015: A Look Back

2015: A LOOK BACKBY TIGER'S JUSTICE TEAMTiger's cruel death at the hands of veterinarian Kristen Lindsey sparked a worldwide demand for justice, which continues to grow, thanks to Tiger's steadfast supporters. Please watch and share Tiger's story, as presented in this slide show from Tiger's Justice Team. Stay with us as our quest for justice continues in 2016. Tiger needs your support more than ever!

Posted by Tiger's Justice Team News Page on Friday, January 8, 2016

Nora Sabbagh a person who commented on the Justice for Tiger webpage on Facebook writes:

Very clear and concise synopsis. Usually judges do not rule against the findings of medical boards, but they are in Texas and Texans tend to protect their own. My hope is that tjt is tracking her. She is Def applying for licenses in other states. She will probably head north to Alaska or the Dakotas. This woman has no place in veterinary medicine or any type of animal husbandry. Her behavior was atrocious.

I agree that they protect their own. We should not be certain that the revoking of her license will stand because there is a real possibility that at the contested hearing the TBVME decision will be overturned. It should not be, of course, but injustices are not uncommon when it comes to cat cruelty.

The fight, therefore, needs to continue.

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3 thoughts on “Video of the story of Tiger, the cat killed by veterinarian Kristen Lindsey, whose license was revoked by the TBVME”

  1. I’ve seen some awfully cruel pictures on FB but none so bad as a vet bragging about murdering a neighbors cat.
    I’m still not sure if she still has her license or not.
    It should have taken not more than 1 week to gather the facts and permanently revoke her license. How sickening….she needs mental health care. There obviously is some ‘wrong’ with her.

    • I completely agree with you, Neela. Kristen’s veterinary license has been suspended but she is appealing. She should have been barred for life from being a vet.

  2. Why her license hasn’t yet been revoked is puzzling. It seems to me that this (so called) veterinarian certainly has not taken her vows seriously- especially the one, “do no harm”. In my opinion it is a no-brainer and should the political stance end up to permit her license to be active, it seems to me that it just opens the doors for even more horrendous events at the hands of those veterinarians who are inclined to perform cruel and senseless act. Thanks for keeping this story alive!!!


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