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Video of white cat refusing to leave man’s grave goes viral — 10 Comments

  1. Please be scientific and practical with no apologies. I just happen to be watching a PBS episode of POV about Bill Nye, aka “the science guy”. I have seen people be too practical though, when they disallow the possibility that a cat might have anything on it’s mind besides eating and sleeping, etc. i.e. A policeman once told me that I wasn’t feeding my cat enough because it was wandering off of my property…

    • Thanks a lot for your excellent comments as usual. I am thinking of reinstating a reward system for comments. In the past and for some time I ran a reward system whereby five cents was given to an animal charity of choice for each comment made during the month. I may, as mentioned, reinstate this.

  2. Just checking-out a new litter-box until the ground hardens again. All other fresh graves in the area probably have cat-feces buried on top from all the stray cats. First one to mark the new “cat friendly” soil wins the territory.

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