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Video: POV-what a senior cat at a shelter sees and hears as adopters walk by — 7 Comments

  1. Just had to share this rocket cat with you. My Trouble will jump up into my arms but this kitten, talk about trusting a human. Long url sorry.

  2. Hey Mike
    Wanted to share with you the surprise I received today. I spend $100 every month at Chewy.com on cat and dog food. My last order I did by phone and the girl told me to gives hugs to my pets from Chewy. She named a few of them and when she said Pooki (kitten) I told her he had died. I rescued him from the jaws of the neighbors dog he was maybe 8 weeks old. The dog was shaking him trying of course to break it’s neck. Well he had neurological damage the vets could not fix. I bought all kinds of food and meds for him at Chewy but he passed away 5 weeks later. I thought he was going to make it but… And today I received a overnight FTD flower delivery from Chewy saying how sorry they were Pooki passed away. My vet has never done that and he’s taken $1,000’s of dollars from me. Who knew a big company like Chewy would actually care about someone’s kitten passing away. I am completely blown away by their caring.

      • I don’t know I been a really good customer for 2 years/24 months and they might not do it for all customers. And some might tell them their pet died just to get free flowers, you know how some people can be. I just wanted to share it with you and your friends.

          • I know no one in Miami Florida (where FTD sent them from) that were sending me flowers and being a radical social democrat I was worried I picked up a online stalker who was telling me the flowers were for my funeral! LMAO! It was a FTD box but I opened it very carefully. We have a lot of insane angry white people here in the USA right now.

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