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Video Showing Cat Hater and Website Troll Woodsman001 – Real Name Jim Stevenson — 10 Comments

  1. I think his so-called love for birds is only a ruse to justify his hate for cats. And it seems to me that he was probably born with a disorder. In other words it could have been any two animals. His brain just picked these two because they are popular. It probably doesn’t even matter if he’s making a difference in the world, except to have turned the stomachs of those of us that have had to deal with him. He doesn’t talk about sport hunters or anyone who shoots birds, for example. He doesn’t talk about the wonders of birds or how or why he supposedly loves them. He simply has to kill cats, preferably painfully. I’m just shaking my head and wondering why no one has put him out of our misery and to stop the misery of the cats he kill. When you think about it, there’s no scientific way to know if or how many birds he’s saved, but it’s easy to know exactly what he’s done to cats – and only he knows it. So he’s not “helping” anyone but himself. What a waste.

    • Yes, well said, Albert. I agree with you of course. And I agree that he could have almost picked any subject but he just happens to like birds and therefore hate cats. He has that kind of personality.

      It is a shame that his hatred of cats which drives him could not be channelled more constructively into criticising people because it is people and their activities which ends up killing far more birds than outside domestic cats and feral cats. He could have done some really good work in lobbying against certain human activities which kills birds.

      • Yes he does have an intellect, but wasted it, like an evil scientist. He’s a living cartoon causing real-world pain, instead of like you said.

  2. What’s really disturbing is I’m not totally convinced it’s all Woody. I’ve read comments from many others with his frame of mind and the ones who comment for PoC that we delete their hate could be more than one person. There’s a nastiness to the one who’s been after me that used to not be there. If the readers knew half of what we delete their mouths would be hanging open in disbelief.

    When I wrote for Examiner I had Reality Bytes and Nature_Proponent who used to comment. I believe they were the same person on Examiner and the original troll on Poc. But I’m beginning to think others have joined him.

    • I think there’s a specific madness to this man that were he to disappear, we’d rarely hear of it again.

  3. This guy creeps me out. How can he proclaim to love one animal class so intensely, but outright hate and murder thousands of innocent creatures from another class? What a redneck. That poor man in he video who takes care of the feral cat colony was torn up inside. I was too just watching the video. I don’t know how old this idiot is but maybe he will retire and drop out of circulation soon. He actually looks dangerous to me, like a bomb waiting to go off. All those aliases. OMC. 🙁

  4. Even if he is arrested for animal cruelty it is up to the DA if they follow through with charges. Animal Cruelty often falls pretty low on the budget. Because the cats he’s murdering don’t have owners he isn’t destroying personal property. At least none that anyone can prove.

  5. It takes all kinds of idiots, but we sure could do without most of them. He looks like a very nasty piece of work. Thank you for all your hard work in tracking this idiot.

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