Video shows a woman’s outpouring of emotion when reunited with her cat

Not knowing what had happened to her cat for two years was eating at Iris Estrada Samaniego, from Murrieta, California but she never gave up hope of seeing him again. This is a happy ending cat rescue story with tears of joy.

Diego a lost cat reunited with tearful owner Iris
Diego a lost cat reunited with tearful owner Iris
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She says that she knew her cat, Diego, was alive. She must have had a strong feeling about it. But these feelings can be false sometimes.

She had raised her precious boy cat from 3 weeks of age. I can relate the emotional connection that you acquire when you raise a cat from such a young age. There is a real bond.

We don’t know how her cat became lost. Iris was reunited just before Christmas. Iris had searched for a long time She says:

“Not knowing what happened to him was eating at me. The day I found him I happened to be at work, I’m a vet tech, something told me to check the shelter web page and while I was scrolling I saw a familiar face. I couldn’t leave the hospital fast enough. My sister recorded the moment I saw him again. There is always hope.”

Her boy appears to be a flame point traditional Siamese. Iris’s sister, Crystal Sanmann, said:

“I seriously thought he was gone and maybe even got eaten by a coyote. Something told her to check the shelter today and when she looked she saw a cat the looked just like her Diego.”

Iris immediately went to the shelter and when she saw him knew it was him. Crystal said that the shelter did a great job looking after Diego.

Commentators to the video are obviously pleased for her. One made a slightly negative comment but one which is reasonable. Nena Stephens wondered how Iris was so sure that the cat was Diego. Is it possible to misidentify your cat after two years?

However, I don’t think it could happen in this instance. Iris had raised Diego since he was three weeks of age. She had lived with him for 12 years. And he is a fairly rare cat: a flame pointed Siamese. However there was no microchip as far as I know.

The video shows an outpouring of emotion. This is the release of pent up concern and anxiety about her cat for 2 years. It does show the very close and intense emotional connection we can have for our cats.

There is one last point. Deigo looks less than comfortable during the reunion. This is probably due to the noise that Iris is making and the strong hugs she is giving him. Both are completely understandable but they can be uncomfortable for a domestic cat, even a well loved one.

I guess someone may have interpreted that as indicating that the cat is not her Diego.

3 thoughts on “Video shows a woman’s outpouring of emotion when reunited with her cat”

  1. At 0:34 when she says his name he closes his eyes. That’s a tell. It’s Diego. I’m so happy for them. I lost a cat for only three weeks and I was beside myself with worry, then joy. After 2 years I’d be a mess too.

    P.S. I have a theory about cats closing their eyes. It might be that they are turning off incoming visual stimuli to contemplate for a second what they are feeling. What does anyone think about that?


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