Video shows you how much rescue cats appreciate being adopted

Sentience?! You are unsure if domestic cats are sentient beings with feelings? You are unsure if you should adopt a rescue cat or buy a purebred cat? Well, this video should alter your thoughts for the better. This big, tabby rescue cat has just been adopted by a small woman and look at the effect. Of course, the cat was pleased to be out of the shelter so that would account for some of his pleasure, but this goes deeper. This cat is delighted at being adopted and having a human companion. Domestic cats are sociable creatures after 10,000 years of living with humans. They need to live with humans in a close and loving relationship.

Rescue cat is ecstatic on being rescued from a rescue center
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Rescue cat is ecstatic on being rescued from a rescue center. Image: MikeB from screenshot with background changed.

Although shelters do a lot of great work in saving cats’ lives, they are essentially unpleasant places for cats. The strangeness, being in cages, the noise, the dogs down the corridor, the strange people and in some shelters the workers are less than sympathetic. They are a little too relaxed about killing cats. I mean euthanising cats, but it is really killing. I wonder if the cats sense this and understand the predicament in which they find themselves. No one asks that question.

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But back to this much viewed video. Great, isn’t it? It makes me a little tearful to be honest. The young woman seems almost overwhelmed by her new cat’s response and show of affection. If I was in her shoes, I’d be delighted. Instant love. An instant deep bond. All she has to do it be a decent cat caregiver for the life of this cat and they will both benefit greatly from the relationship. I hope that she did not let him down.

We can be pretty confident that it is the beginning of a great relationship. The rescue from the cat rescue (!) kick starts a strong relationship. The cat is desperately appreciative. I mean, you see this instantly deep bond in the video, and they’ve only known each other for minutes.

I have always said that when you adopt a rescue cat you have a head start on the creation of a great human-to-cat relationship. This video shows why.

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