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Video: Slo Mo Cheetah and Greyhound — 7 Comments

  1. “Greyhounds” lead a miserable life and the majority are “EUTHANIZED(KILLED)” after retiring from racing unless excellent “PRIZE WINNERS” and fit for the “BREEDING INDUSTRY”.During my tour of Europe came across a “Greyhound Welfare Group” in Brussels that was campaigning against “Greyhound Racing” in Spain.They were canvassing for banning the sport in Spain as well as increasing awareness for adopting retired grey hounds. As for Cheetahs, they are extinct in India, once the favourite hunting pets of the Maharajahs. Today, in their last native habitat of Africa they are gradually heading towards extinction as they have a tendency to prey on cattle and hence are sometimes shot as pests in South Africa.
    During a personal tour of Macau had witnessed “Grey Hound Racing” for the first time in my life. Photo:-Greyhound dogs entering the ‘trap Boxes” at the start of the race at “Macau Canindrome’ in Macau,the only “Greyhound Racing” stadium in Asia.Thursday(15-12-2005)

    • Thanks Rudolph. Good comment because it educates. A lot of people are unaware of what happens behind the scenes to greyhounds and they have no idea the cheetah is gradually dying out. As Africa becomes a factory for China and as it is exploited for minerals to make consumer products, the extinction of African wildlife will speed up.

  2. These animals are both amazing,but I worry about the cheetah going extinct, and what happens to the greyhound when it can t race anymore? Not good news for either one.

    • Yes, Nancy. Sigh. The cheetah is gradually going extinct and the greyhound is sometimes killed after his racing days are over (UK – not sure about USA). It’s about the good old human again. We don’t do a very good job do we?

  3. Wow! Amazing and interesting. 400 meters is a bloody long way to go in half a minute. I’d never miss a train, the station is about 400 meters away from my house.

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