Video: Watch the moment a cat is rescued from busy London road

This black cat was paralyzed with fear stuck on the road flyover in Hammersmith, West London, UK. People working nearby in a lettings agency saw her and decided to rescue her. It meant that three people from the agency jumped into their car and drove onto the highway (a busy dual carriageway). This must have taken time because it would have meant joining a slip road. They then parked their cat next to the cat who was perched on a barrier about 30 feet above the ground.

Watch the moment a cat is rescued from busy London road

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For the cat, on one side was a sheer drop and the other side was continual heavy traffic. I know this road well and it is very busy; highly dangerous for a cat and how she got there is a mystery. Perhaps some dumped her. This seems to be the only answer.

With great fortune the cat did not take fright at the people who came to rescue her. You’ll see in the video that she readily accepted being rescued. The moment a person approaches a cat in that situation it is very tense and fraught with danger. The person who took hold of her approached slowly and gently; wise and good for her.

She was taken to the Blue Cross Animal Hospital, Victoria, West London, and named Bridget. Bridget had a grazed chin.

“We were worried we might scare her when we got up there but luckily she was happy to come with us. We don’t know how she would have got up there on her own, so perhaps someone put her there.” Said Leon one of the rescuers.

The other rescuers were: Sara Persad and Breda O’Mahony.

Bridget was very lucky to have been seen by three caring people who were at work and who “dropped tools” to carry out a tricky rescue.

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  1. What wonderful people and what a lucky little cat to be rescued before an inevitable disaster.

    This needs some sharing!


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