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Videos of rescued and socialised feral cat LAILA in Pakistan — 12 Comments

  1. You have done great work with Laila. She looks very relaxed.

    I prefer the first way of playing with her with a feather. I think she prefers it to the way she is being handled in the second video.

    Laila is very lucky to have you caring for her. One of the luckiest cats in Pakistan 😉

    Thanks for showing us a bit of Pakistan.

    • Thank you very much Michael

      When Laila was a 3 weeks old kitten, we left her and her two brothers/one sister in our home terrace. As I told the whole story, The three got killed. And Laila decided to stay with us with fear and tears in her eyes.

      Me and Khadija decided to have a meeting/sitting for discussion about the issue. My wife stood against to keep her at home. I was/am still against a cage.(Because the thing I don’t wish for myself, I will never want it for any creature of Allah Subhanahu 🙁 )

      My wife became angry with the decision of me and my daughters that Laila will stay in my study with her litter box and bed. and roam free in the room and finally it was a decision that the room will be CLOSED.

      Our Laila Did nothing damage. She started biting me but my “Aaauuuuh” yelp was enough to train her not to bite. she bite for love for us a slightly love bite now, not for pain giving bite and that is what I understand from her mom PINKY. I know how loving my PINKY cat is. Still now 🙂 <3

      LAILA had her bad kitten smell from her body until 7 weeks of age and when she got to 8 weeks old, she was perfumed. hmmm yeah I love this kitten girl. Then My wife one day entered my study to see what I was doing with LAILA, She saw me playing with feather and stick and rewarding her cooked liver and chicken cubes.

      I told her, the smell of newborn kitten from the body is no more in LAILA and she smelled her and asked me whether I perfumed her. I replied, NO. She also started to love her and now every day she pet LAILA and feed her.

      My wife actually is afraid of the touch of animal.
      I am the ONLY ANIMAL she is not afraid of 😛

      <3 <3 <3 Thanks Allah our LAILA is safe but I need to build a cage for future babies, because this experience has shown me that it is not good if 1/6 is the surviving rate in a small caring sanctuary that I have. Its no way a success 🙁 I still miss her brothers and a sister. Actually they were 6 in the start. 2 died with hunger in the wild.

      Thank you for the comments Michael, I will share the updates and any new entry. The new kitten white one was released free by me and Khadija because she did not eat anything. She just went off to the garden. I don't know whether she is alive now or dead. I could not understand her sickness. Ignorance of basic VET knowledge has become a SIN/ Darkness for me 🙁

      • LAILA had her bad kitten smell from her body until 7 weeks of age and when she got to 8 weeks old, she was perfumed. hmmm yeah

        Your comment made me smile (the bit about you being the only animal she is not afraid of 😉 ) – you write about the “bad kitten smell” and how it changes to perfume after 7 weeks. Could you tell me why? What is that smell? Where does it come from?

        Is your wife’s fear of animals typical of many Pakistanis?

        • Yes Michael, I can tell it why?

          The reason of BAD smell kittens is because of their birth from mom’s womb, that is the birth smell which is not a good smell ofcourse but we have to bear that upto 6-7 weeks. I daily checked my kids (kittens) whether they were dirty or not? and when ever I found them dirty, so it means ITS TIME FOR A LIGHT WARM BATH BABIES!

          I never kept them dirty. When they were 5 weeks old, I started JOHNONS AND JOHNSONS BABY products on them. Very carefully only on body not on the head area. Because the eyes and nose and mouth +ears are really sensitive. And one tip more, always use the product on minimum scale, not much. I think LITTER BOX training is the key to prevent more smell from kittens and they become fragrant like flowers.

          I never use any perfume but if necessary to use (otherwise please please never do that or the smell will increase double up like PISS ON EARTH every where).

          Just patience for 6-7 weeks and it will give you the lifetime happiness and satisfaction of the spirit <3

        • Aaaah not really FEAR.
          It is the lack of confidence actually. Many of us (human being) can not tolerate even a tiny scratch or pinch. The best example is an adult (human being) going for any vaccination. Look at many people’s faces. They seem to be as they are very much hurt while it is only the matter of confidence.

          She loves LAILA more than us and let me also tell you that I have not fed my adult feral cats for a long time but my wife, she is feeding them daily, regularly. They are adult feral fellows but they touch her, they slowly rub their heads with her feet. She has never being afraid. I asked her, why you avoid kittens. She replied,”Because they are under your training, not fully trained and unexpected. More-over they are very quick and fast.”

          So this is the main reason otherwise she is the best friend of mine. I don’t need any other woman because she is my childhood friend. <3

      • Ahsan, I wish you had described the new white kitten’s problem. Someone may have been able to help.
        But, there are some kittens that just fail to thrive. I have had several that I forced fed by syringe and did everything I could, but they still didn’t survive.
        So sad.

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