Vietnamese toddler drinks liquid of dead black cats to protect from coronavirus

In human behaviour reminiscent of medieval times, in Vietnam black cats are being killed and rendered down into a black paste or liquid which you can see in the photograph. They’re doing this as a cure for coronavirus. Or I suppose as some sort of protection against the disease. There is an horrendous photograph of a child drinking a liquid made out of dead black cats.

This is happening, we are told, around the capital Hanoi and the concoction is being sold online. The cats are being killed in the most brutal way and I’m not going to describe it as it is too depressing and upsetting. This is another example of human behaviour arising out of fear and an underlying culture of abuse of animals both domestic and wild in Asia. Vietnam is known for cat and dog meat and this is an extension of the eating cat and dog meat restaurants. It is also an extension of Chinese traditional medicine.

COMMENT/OPINION: Firstly, it is highly depressing to read about this. The whole process is barbaric and reflects massive ignorance. Chinese traditional medicine has no basis in science. It is superstition.

Obviously many black cats in Vietnam are being killed as I dictate this and killed in a very cruel way. I suspect that they kill them in this way to try and preserve some benefit in the product that they produce. It is complete mumbo-jumbo as we all realise except of course the people who do it and drink the stuff. Surely, the authorities in Vietnam have the wherewithal and the common sense to stop this cruelty taking place?

Why doesn’t the Vietnamese government do something about this? Why does the international community silently accept it? Why are they so reluctant to be involved? It’s the snowflake generation. People who are simply too frightened to speak out and do something about this sort of animal cruelty and highly uncivilised behaviour.

This behaviour is no different from the sort of cruelty meted out to black cats during medieval times when they were believed to be the embodiment of the devil. Nothing has changed. Civilisation in Vietnam has not advanced over the preceding 500 years or more. Please God help me understand this babaric, mindless human behavior.

6 thoughts on “Vietnamese toddler drinks liquid of dead black cats to protect from coronavirus”

  1. I have 7 black cats. When a get a black cat stray I don’t even try to rehome them here because I do not trust the Hillbilly’s. Ignorance and superstition that black cats are evil still lives on here too. Good God don’t let the MAGA’s know about this or they’ll be drinking black cats next here too.

    • Fantastic that you have seven black cats. You are doing a great service to the black cats of the world. I’ve had some black cats myself over the years. I don’t see any difference between black or any other coat colour. I treat them all equally. Although I appreciate the beautiful looking cats, I have never chosen to live with a cat because of their appearance.

  2. Savages. Ostensibly the torture releases chemicals that make the meat tastier, or whatever else they decide. Viet Nam, China, south Korea, et al.,can slide into the sea, as far as I’m concerned. Soulless zombies.

  3. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe when I see stuff like this. I have always had black cats. It’s bad enough that they kill these babies but the torture that they put them through sends me over the edge. I will never understand that mindset.


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