Vigilante letter demanding that residents of a Canberra street lock up their cats or else

Image: ABC News.

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A vigilante has taken matters into their own hands in distributing this letter to the residents of a Canberra street in the hope of threatening them into keeping their cats inside.

Some areas of Canberra, Australia, are governed by ordinances which make it obligatory to keep domestic cats inside the home.

In this particular area such a law does not exist. There are some outside cats. The person is threatening something illegal according to the RSPCA.

Residents need a permit to trap cats and the trapped cats need to be handed into a veterinary clinic or an animal shelter.

Beth Morrison received this letter. She has two cats that she keeps inside. She found the letter threatening and unpleasant. It is not the way to go about doing things she believes. The RSPCA agree. Free-roaming domestic cats generate passionate behaviour because of predation on wildlife.

In Australia there are people who are strongly concerned about the loss of their native species. This has been highlighted by destruction of the landscape due to climate change (e.g. fires) and loss of native species due to human commercial activities.

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