Vimago™ is a new diagnostic scanning device which produces incredible images of inside your companion animal

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A Vimago™ scan. The video is interesting for the imagine quality.

You might ask your vet if they are thinking about getting a Vimago™ scanning device. It’ll help him/her diagnose disease and benefit the patients who attend her clinic. I am impressed with the image quality that this device creates.

Vimago™ is a new high definition volumetric scanner which produces fabulous images from inside your pet. It’s a great diagnostic tool to compliment existing X-rays and ultra sounds.

“It’s groundbreaking technology. There are not many of these machines in the world yet,”

Dr Page Wages of the Care First Animal Hospital in Raleigh.

The device creates a 3D image as you can see in the video. The detail is excellent. It is better than a CT scan as it picks up details that a CT scan misses.

Dr Page Wages said on the website:

“I can take an X-ray in motion. I can watch a dog breathe..So, like a coughing dog, I can watch and see is it the trachea or is it the heart? Is it a swallow problem? We can see exactly what we need to do. We’ve found things in dogs’ sinuses. We’ve found things in their ears you couldn’t physically see otherwise….

We can take a pet that’s sick and figure out what’s going on with him and take him straight into surgery within the same day and get everything we need to know pretty quickly.

Dr Wages

It produces less radiation than X-rays and is therefore less harmful. Like any other concerned cat owner I am all for diagnostic tools which can improve the welfare of our cats and other companion animals. Let’s just hope the cost does not encourage vets to raise prices! The cost of veterinary care is barrier to obtaining it for a sizeable section of society.

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