Violin Cat

This is a picture of a ‘violin cat’. There is no such thing of course but I love the way that this black cat melds into the violin case to create the shape of a violin (almost). You have to let your imagination go a little bit but it doesn’t take much. The tail of the cat is the neck of the violin. The way that the tail curls at the end is reminiscent of the scroll at the end of the neck of the violin. And the cat’s black head is the chinrest. It all fits together very nicely which is why it works so well.

Violin Cat
Violin Cat. Photo: Twitter.
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On a slightly more serious note, you might want to ask why a black cat is resting in a violin case. The answer is probably because the scent of the cat’s human caregiver is inside the violin case having been transferred from the violin. So, this might be an example of the scent exchange. The scent from the case is deposited onto the cat which is what cat wants; and vice versa. The whole process makes the environment more friendly for the cat. It also makes the case a little less pristine clean because there will be some black hair strands inside it. No bother. It makes a good picture.

Sady, I do not have any information about the cat or their name or the human caregiver’s name either. I’m sorry for that but it’s a photograph which has been tweeted without any details that I can see at the moment.

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