Viral video of a cat who found himself stuck in a wall at a Montana daycare

It’s unclear how a cat in Montana found himself stuck in a wall at a daycare in Missoula. The incident went viral when posted to social media. Poor cat…

Loki stuck in a wall (Jennifer Brooke)
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Loki stuck in a wall (Jennifer Brooke)

Jennifer Brooke at Sprouts Montessori daycare posted a video to her Facebook page Thursday or her cat Loki. Loki was stuck in a wall and as you can see from his video he’s a bit confused about it.

Several children in the class laughed at Loki and others were concerned he’d hurt himself. After a bit of coaxing and the children backing up to give him space, Loki was able to back out through the hole in the wall.

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It was rather high up but Loki did what cats usually do and landed on his feet. Then he walked away, embarrassed and hopefully a bit wiser.

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