Viral video of a cat who found himself stuck in a wall at a Montana daycare

It’s unclear how a cat in Montana found himself stuck in a wall at a daycare in Missoula. The incident went viral when posted to social media. Poor cat…

Loki stuck in a wall (Jennifer Brooke)
Loki stuck in a wall (Jennifer Brooke)
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Jennifer Brooke at Sprouts Montessori daycare posted a video to her Facebook page Thursday or her cat Loki. Loki was stuck in a wall and as you can see from his video he’s a bit confused about it.

Several children in the class laughed at Loki and others were concerned he’d hurt himself. After a bit of coaxing and the children backing up to give him space, Loki was able to back out through the hole in the wall.

It was rather high up but Loki did what cats usually do and landed on his feet. Then he walked away, embarrassed and hopefully a bit wiser.

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