Viral video of Russian Blue cats flooding home is a fake

Did this Russian blue cat owner let his cats flood his home in his craving for celebrity or was it constructed? This TikTok video has gone viral because it shows a group of Russian blue cats in Singapore padding around a flooded kitchen and living room in an apartment with the owner talking animatedly in the background providing a commentary in his native language. While he’s filming the flooding, it is still taking place! In other words, he has discovered the kitchen tap on causing the flood and rather than turning the tap off immediately in a panic he has filmed his cats walking in the flooded water and provided a commentary! That does not seem like a person who is particularly concerned about the flood and it leads me to believe that the event has been fabricated.


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He claims that the cats caused the flood by turning on the kitchen sink tap. I severely doubt it. It seems unlikely to me. Also, all kitchen sinks have an overflow. And further, it means that the outlet has to be plugged. In other words, there has to be three things going on for this flood to occur which to be absolutely clear are as follows: the outlet has to be plugged, the overflow has to be plugged and the tap has to be turned on by a cat who enjoys flooding the apartment! Taps are normally turned off reasonably firmly. This tap has to be turned anti-clockwise through 90 degrees from vertical to turn on the water. You can see him turn it off in the video. I honestly can’t see a domestic cat achieving this.

Cats flood home - true or false?
Cats flood home – true or false? Video screenshot.
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Are you as incredulous as me that this actually happened as stated or implied in the video? The news media have jumped on this and recited the story as if it is fact but my inclination immediately is to question it as you can see. I have stuck my neck out and declared it a fake. Wrong? Tell me.

It does make for quite an interesting video if you’re happy about trashing your apartment. He’s got a hard floor which helps but the water will affect his kitchen because it gets into the bottom of the cabinets and these cabinets are made of chipboard which absorb water. When the water is absorbed, the chipboard expands and the lamination breaks off. The surface becomes bubbled and it looks horrible. In other words, water damages kitchen cabinets and other things, obviously.

On my reckoning, and I can’t be sure that I’m correct, this man has craved celebrity on TikTok to the point where he has damaged his home. And it would not surprise me if that was the case. There is enormous competition on social media to create successful videos and people go to the ends of the world to achieve it. Even to the point of trashing your home and blaming your cat’s!

P.S. It has happened twice!! Something is desperately wrong.


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