Visiting Bengal Cat In Norfolk, UK

by Annabella
(Norfolk, UK)

We live in a little village in Norfolk, UK, and have a visiting Bengal cat (Brown Spotted Tabby).

She has visited on and off for 2 years, and is very bold. She comes into the house and whilst she never attacks our own cats, they will pick a fight with her if she is in the house, but not in the garden.

We call her Lola, and she generally visits us at late evening or at night. She does not like my husband and we wonder if she has been ill-treated, although she looks healthy, but is quite nervous around him. We never feed her although we have all fallen in love with her. We have been unable to establish who owns her and have seen her on footpaths a couple of miles from out house, as well as out on open farmland.

She is very affectionate and pats at me until I pick her up, and wow is she a weight! She has a beautiful coat, and is incredibly powerful. We estimate that she is 50% bigger and heavier than our tortoiseshell sisters and she behaves like a kitten although we think she must be about 3-5 years old.

She is very independent and visits when she chooses – because we do not feed her sometimes a few months goes by when we don”t see her, and other times she’s come every night for several weeks, and sleep in the house.

I love my own cats very much, but have fallen completely in love with this beautiful breed and intend to acquire a pair in the future when my own cats have shuffled off their mortal coil.


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Visiting Bengal Cat In Norfolk, UK

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Nov 30, 2010 if you are looking for a cat do get back to me
by: kingkup

i have this lovely cat that i want to give it out to any loveing home that will take go are of it so if you are in need of it do get back to me thatks . and waiting

Nov 26, 2010 Lovely story
by: Leah

I loved hearing about your visitor it appears that she gives you so much pleasure.

I do think though that you are very sensible and thoughtful by not feeding her as she obviously does belong to someone.

Nov 22, 2010 We think she has a home
by: Annabella

We think that she does have a home because she is in beautiful condition, and is very well muscled and fit. Also, when she sits on us or we pick her up she has a perfumed scent as if she has been lying on fabric that is washed often.

We have asked around but no-one seems to know who owns her, and she doesn’t wear a collar and tag.

We live in an extremely rural location and whilst farmers and the local gamekeeper say that they will shoot cats that worry the pheasants released for shooting I have never heard of it happening.

We love her visiting, and would be happy to adopt her but we don’t feed her to discourage this as she is obviously someone’s pet!

Nov 21, 2010 Nice but strange
by: Michael

Thanks for sharing. I always find it odd that people can let such a cat (and they aren’t cheap) wander around the countryside so freely. There are dangers out there. Some farmers have guns and some don’t like cats and so on.

Do you wander if she has a home? I would expect her to have a home. And you can tell if they are abandoned.

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