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Volunteer choked up about euthanizing all the cats at animal shelter — 5 Comments

  1. I used to work as an animal shelter employee about 30 years ago. I hated the days we had to euthanize animals because they had been there to long. I do believe the shelter has changed the policy, but not really sure. I have moved away from the area. I only lasted on the job about 6 months, because I could no longer help in this process. There needs to be more no kill shelters and also much more education for the public to spay or neuter their pets. I had 2 male dogs that were not neutered, but they never mated because of our diligence to keep them away from fertile females. Thanks for listening to my rant.

  2. The shelter in my County (Harnett, NC) euthanized 59 cats two years ago because of panleuk. The shelter manager at the time could not have cared less about the shelter cats. The community made its feelings known and he is no longer the shelter manager — but he still is manager of the field “animal control” department. He really should be fired or at least transferred to sanitation or some function which does not involve control of or contact with any living being.

    • Yes. I also don’t understand. Surely, some of these cats had been vaccinated prior to it. Some may have been in the shelter for some time. For those newly brought in, don’t shelters normally ask for vaccination history?

      I am not even mentioning the possibility to quarantine cats and observe them, and ensure that new cats are vaccinated.

      I’ve just looked it up. The incubation period for panleukopenia is 2 weeks. Surely, it’s not that long. Additionally, the vaccination takes effect immediately, within hours. So they could’ve vaccinated all cats with unknown vaccination status, ensure any new cat someone brings is vaccinated and observed existing cats for 2 weeks.

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