Volunteer ‘steals’ well-behaved shelter animal to save his life as he was listed to be ‘euthanized’

NEWS AND OPINION. This is an opinion piece based upon a good news story from the viewpoint of an animal advocate. In fact, perhaps from the viewpoint of anybody who likes to see fair play, justice and the humane treatment of animals and particularly shelter animals.

I have to say, that this story is both unusual and it could apply to a shelter cat equally which is why I am reporting on it on this website. It is a great act of humanity in my view by a brave volunteer.

Summary: Goofy American bulldog mix slated for euthanasia in Harrisburg, PA, ‘stolen’ (saved) during a demonstration and is now safe.

Goofy 'Pursuit' with one of his toys
Goofy ‘Pursuit’ with one of his toys. Image in public domain.
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The story of ‘Pursuit’

Pursuit is the name given to a four-year-old American bulldog mix. He was the longest serving dog resident at the Humane Society in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. He had been found abandoned in an alley in Harrisburg in October 2021 with some food and his toys. They named him “Pursuit” because the police had to chase him to capture him!

The video shows him being a charming dog. The shelter volunteers came to love him and described him as “fun, goofy and great on walks”. He is described as a cooperative dog such as when sitting down and waiting to have his harness attached. He got used to the rhythms of the shelter and apparently had showed no signs of excessive stress.

Despite this background, shelter management announced that they were going to put Pursuit on death row. His euthanasia, better referred to as killing, was set for Monday, February 13.

The reason given was that he was unpredictable and that there had been multiple incidents but they didn’t explain themselves. The decision was made by several people in some sort of committee meeting. But Pursuit hadn’t bitten anyone and volunteers were unaware of any incidents.

And also, a volunteer had said that they would sign a waiver if allowed to foster Pursuit. They would then find him a loving home. Shelter management refused the suggestion. This resulted in volunteers becoming angry and upset.

The argument by the shelter management was that they had to protect the community so when Pursuit was adopted, they felt that he would be a danger to the community. Clearly, the volunteers did agree with this assessment.

The volunteers feel that they know Pursuit better than the people who made the decision to euthanise him. They took him on walks and cared for him. Comment: it seems strange therefore that the shelter management refused to listen to the volunteers on the front line.

As you can see, the day of Pursuit’s killing has passed and he is still alive. And this is what happened:

There were protests in Harrisburg over the decision to euthanise Pursuit. And during the demonstration a volunteer – perhaps a volunteer who had suggested that he foster Pursuit – allegedly stole him from the shelter to save his life. A brave person.


And here is the best bit of news that you can have today as an animal advocate: the police have announced that no criminal charges will be filed! They are not going to pursue the person who stole Pursuit.

Pursuit’s current whereabouts are unknown and the volunteers are not talking except to say that he is alive and well!💓😊✔️

I don’t think that you will hear a better story about animal rescue than this one. The volunteers have beaten the management and personally, I love that outcome because it is humane, decent and the right one.

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