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Vomited Grass and Cat Hairball (picture) — 27 Comments

  1. Well Rebel,usually does really good ones with dry Cat Biscuits in the hallway. So half way though the nite, while in bare feet or in Socks i end up walking in it half way though the nite.

  2. He did an impressive one in the wee small hours but I was too tired to trail downstairs for the camera, and anyway they both would have followed me down thinking it was morning. Must bring the camera upstairs overnight after this, it’s his favourite time for doing them.

  3. I’ll be in your comp, just hang on until I can make one of my ‘specials’ and get one of the mammies to take its picture ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I bet, but hairballs are interesting because there are so many shapes, sizes and even colours and the s-m-e-l-l is unique isn’t it?

  5. Hairballs are fascinating. Our Jozef brings up some spectacular ones on my bedside rug, usually in the wee small hours. I drag myself out of bed to pick it up or you can be sure it will end up stuck to the bottom of my foot next morning lol
    Better picked up steaming hot than stuck on the foot icy cold ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Ha, ha, ha, ha!
    Isn’t that special.
    You made my morning. Of course, we can never see enough of those.
    But, seriously, yes, I think many cats eat grass to stimulate regurgitation.

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