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Wacko Jacko the Feline Friend — 3 Comments

  1. There was most certainly a criminal trial. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trial_of_Michael_Jackson

    He also settled earlier accusations out of court.

    I have my own opinion of the man in his later years. I deleted all of his music. Enough said.

    I went though the denial when my BIL was accused. He just loved children right ? But the evidence showed a much different story in the end. He spent several decades in prison. He seemed like the nicest person and to this day there are many who believe he was framed.

  2. Whatever transpired in his adult years I do not know, but I think Michael Jackson genuinely loved cats as a child. I do not think exploitation was in his comprehension at that age, but things obviously changed with time. 😢😻💜💜🐾

  3. It irk’s me he had a black leopard not that the other big cats are less relevant but black leopards are my favorite big cat and my other issue is wot happened to all the animals he had at Neverland?

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