Waldo Kitty

Waldo Kitty

by Michael
(London, UK)

Waldo Kitty Opening

Waldo Kitty Opening

There were thirteen adventures of The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty. The series was produced by Filmation.

The series was shown on NBC in the USA in 1975. The voice of Waldo was Howard Morris. Jane Webb provided the voice for Felecia and Allan Melvin the voice of Tyrone.

Waldo Kitty was a cat version of James Thurber's The Secret Lives of Walter Mitty.

Tyrone, a bulldog, and members of his gang constantly push Waldo and his girlfriend Felecia around. Waldo is humiliated.

He copes with this by fantasizing about being in combat against villains. He imagines himself as the superhero Catman, the jungle hero Catzan, Robin Cat and Captain Herc who was the commander of the starship Secondprize (in the episode entitled, "Cat Trek").

Here is the opening sequence (sometimes these videos are pulled because of copyright issues, so if it is blank you will know why!):

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