Walking Dead Star has Nice Story to Tell about the Family’s Black Cat

"Daryl" and family black cat
“Daryl” (Norman Reedus) and family black cat
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There is no need to add the written word because Norman Reedus says it all eloquently and in a way which will please lots of women. Norman Reedus plays Daryl in The Walking Dead an excellent television series of cinematic quality made in America. I loved it and watched it on Amazon Prime.

In that series he plays a backwoodsman survivor who is a bit mixed up but with a great heart and a strong will to survive which helps the group to carry on under horrendous odds.

In the television series he looks exactly the same as in the photos on this page. Perhaps he was mid-series at the time. I love the way he promotes the black cat. A lot people don’t like black cats. A lot of people are scared of them! Jo Singer likes them! I do as well. I like all cats equally.

6 thoughts on “Walking Dead Star has Nice Story to Tell about the Family’s Black Cat”

  1. I love the way they cuddle. “Eye in The Dark” looks like he loves his big human as much as Norman Reedus loves him. Just another reason why I love this man.

    • I know you love him (as an actor I presume!). It is good to see a well-known actor embrace the cat and support black cats. It’s good for cats generally. We like that.


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