Walter and Jozef get a new suite

By Barbara

In common with a lot of cat loving families we never buy new settees and armchairs but look for good as new second hand ones in leather-look which we don’t have to stress about caring for other than a wipe down to remove muddy pawmarks and a quick hoover under the seat cushions.

We’ve been looking out for a bigger settee for a while and early this week we spotted the very thing, a cream 3-seater settee and an armchair in a nearby shop and they would deliver it and take away our old suite the very next day. Of course we couldn’t explain to Walter and Jozef about it so early the next morning while Ruth was on her PC catching up on emails, POC and Facebook they took their usual places quite unaware that it was to be the last time they sat in those seats.

Cats investigate new furniture
Poster by Barbara Bates
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Once they stirred it was a case of whip the old suite out of the way and wait for the new one, but Jozef wasn’t too impressed by the space where his settee should have been and he hung about looking fed up probably thinking “What are those two crazy humans up to now?”. Walter must have had an inkling though because he took up his usual position as lookout and he sat and sat and sat until finally he got bored and went off out on his rounds.

Finally the new suite came and Ruth got it into position and the seat covers on before Walter came back, meanwhile Jozef had a good look at every inch of it. When Walter came back to the window he hesitated, knowing something different was there, and then he bravely came in to investigate though at first he ran past it dramatically but curiosity got the better of him and eventually he came back for a look at it, even briefly sitting on the settee which he normally never does, he prefers the armchair and he had a good look and a good sniff at that too, at the same time Jozef decided to try the settee and stood kneading on the cover for a while before getting a quick wash of approval and settling down right in the middle, Walter decided he likes his new armchair, and he didn’t even mind sharing it with me in the evening.

Now, a couple of days later, it’s old hat to them, they’re completely used to it and quite happy and relaxed sitting in their accustomed places, and the good thing is we now have 4 seats instead of three so one of the mammies no longer needs to sit in the cats chair or on the floor – Result!


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  1. Thanks Kylee, I know what you mean, but really every cat should be in a happy home where they can express themselves, it shouldn’t be down to luck it should be the norm shouldn’t it. x


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